Brontosaur Terrarium

This is a little planter I made for Eric that holds a little patch of moss.

Oliver Sculpture

This is a little figurine I made of my dog.


This is a fruit I thought of. The basic shape is coil-built, and then I added on the spines. The glazes are “fig” and “red 5″ (which has a lot of copper, hence the silvery edge to it).

Textured Porcelain Vase

Porcelain vase with green celadon glaze.

Spross Cups

Little espresso cups made for my best espresso-loving friends <3

Sgraffito Vase

Curly Bowl

A decorative curly bowl for snacks, with amber celadon glaze.

Cactus/Celery Vases

Picture6 001 A pair of vases with celadon green glaze. The color reminds me of celery, except against this orange background they look like ribbed cacti.
Picture6 004Picture6 006


Picture6 028 Little cups with “tea dust” glaze.

Spines & Shino

Picture5 105 I made this ambiguous spiny vessel out of brown stoneware, with a shino glaze. I sprayed it liberally with water siphoned off the top of the glaze to give it more carbon-trapping powers. And trap it did! I really love how each little spine got way oxidized, and how it ended up with a perfect smoky rim. I also love how each spine has red around the edges from the raw stoneware. It usually doesn’t turn out that red. More views:
Picture5 112Picture5 109Picture5 108 Picture5 098Picture5 090