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Beforan Empire

Installments from a renaissance-aesthetic Homestuck AU I’m fleshing out. Illustrating the halcyon days of a glittering empire lost to the mists of time (and conveniently uncharted by Hussie as of yet). (1) Empress Feferi Peixes of Beforus, strategizing with Grand Vizier Eridan Ampora, a la School of Athens; (2) Spymaster Nepeta debriefs her Empresss with scintillating tales of adventure and victory; (3) Feferi losing her cool at a cultist harlequin.

Nethack Monk

I have been playing as a monk lately. It feels strangely good to play as a vegan, and not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Also it is awesome to play as a tough-as-hell spellcaster whose punches have the power of kicks.

Malka II

More Malka.

Dave and Karkat

“dude get the fuck off me!” “MAKE ME, NOOKWHIFFER!”


Feferi and Sollux, modeled after Rodin’s “The Kiss”.


Today, Clara and Jesse got a dog. And I got a pressure-sensitive stylus.


Karkat and Eridan: hypothetical meteor shenanigans. Modeled after this Greek statue. Homestuck belongs to Hussie.

Alternate Timeline Feferi

20130803-225918.jpg my RP friend’s alternate-timeline heavily altered and part-horrorterror Feferi.

Feferi Wearing Eridan’s Scarf

20130803-225745.jpg A touch of nostalgia for the halcyon days of youth perhaps. Homestuck belongs to Hussie.

Ghost Feferi

20130731-134904.jpg Dream-bubble ghost Feferi. A bit more contemplative and moody than her living self, I feel. Modeled after the little mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen. Drawn by me in procreate. Homestuck belongs to Hussie.